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Niagara Falls And Nearby Popular Hotels

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls, the most popular attraction in the United States and Canada, is located on the border between the two countries. The vertical movement of the Niagara River flows between the two countries make these waterfalls and it is said to be the third largest waterfalls in the world by volume.
It is located at about 17 miles north-northeast of Buffalo, New York by US and 75 miles south-south-west of Toronto, Ontario Canada.

The magnificent and mesmerizing view of this great water falls with violent drop of water making thunder sound and water plume attracts thousands of people from the local country and in other parts of the world every year. The most beautiful and peaceful atmosphere of Niagara Falls has made it an ideal place for honeymoon young couples.

Niagara Falls is comprised of three parts namely American Falls, Canadian Horseshoe Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. The height of American part is 176 foot, and it has a brink length of 1,075 foot ,and Canadian part is slightly shorter than American falls with the height of 167 foot and greater brink length of 2,600 foot. So, naturally most part of the water of Niagara Falls goes over Canadian Horse Falls due to the gravitational force of earth, since it is about 10 ft shorter than American part . It is estimated that about 90% of total water flows over the Canadian part. The third one called Bridal Veil Falls is relatively smaller than other two parts of falls. Whenever, we look at the satellite picture of Niagara Falls, we can notice a land mass called Goat Island lying between American Falls and Canadian Falls, and the other land mass lying between Bridal Veil Falls and American Falls is known as Luna Island.

Thrilling Experience of Getting near Niagara Falls

Getting near this Water falls would be really an unforgettable experience for the tourists. The people boarding on the ferry boat will get terrible experience once they get close watch of giant and thundering Canadian and American part of water falls. Everyone on board will be given a rain coat and a glass to facilitate enjoyment. The water plume coming out of huge flow of water might drench all of them standing on the boat.

How does Nature produce this much of water flow in Niagara Falls?

Of course it would be very interesting to learn how nature produces Niagara Falls! This is nothing but the flow of huge part of water from one of the Great Lakes of America called Erie to the other Great Lake called Ontario. The prime source of the Niagara Falls is Lake Eire and in winter seasons total surface area of the lake (about 26,000 will be covered by snow bed that may reach a height of a few meters  The snow bed will naturally start to melt on summer days and become the source of Niagara Falls. The other indirect source of Niagara Falls is Detroit river flowing into the lake Eire.

Erosion By Niagara Falls

In fact it's not a good news to read that Niagara Falls loses a foot from its total height each year. The nature lovers are fearing that Niagara Falls would become a fast moving water stream after many decades. The dramatic change in height is due to the weak composition of bed rock which is made up of soft shale and lime stone.

A List of Luxurious Hotels Nearby Niagara Falls

We can find many number of luxurious hotels nearby Niagara Falls to have a pleasant stay. It is nature that people from various parts of the world coming here would like to spend some days by staying at nearby hotels. Most of the hotels here have been built so that people can see Niagara Falls from their rooms.

Some most popular hotels located in the province of  North America are Holiday Inn Hotel, Hampton Inn, Quality Hotel, Howard Johnson. And the popular hotels located in the Canadian province are Sheraton On The Falls, Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton Fallsview Hotel, Radisson Hotel and so on.

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